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Speed Humps prevent speeding in certain sections of road by making drivers slow down to travel over them or risk damage to their vehicle.

Speed Humps restrict the entrance of cars to residential areas, school districts, children’s playgrounds, neighbourhood parks, sports grounds, shopping centres, hospitals and other areas where there is either a high volume of traffic or heavily populated pedestrian access. Speed Humps also act as an effective road safety measure, deterring speeding drivers by slowing down vehicles traveling downhill or long stretches of road.

Northpacs’ extensive speed hump road safety range has been designed for a variety of purposes at varying dimensions, depending on how much you need to slow traffic to make your area safe. We urge you to ensure you have purchased a safety standards approved speed hump suitable for your location. If in doubt, speak to the experts at NORTHPAC about your traffic calming and speed control requirements, they will find the optimal road safety solution that meets your road safety needs that complements your budget. Alternatively, browse our speed hump range to inspire your ultimate traffic safety solution.

15mm Rumble Strip

20mm Rumble Strip

30mm Traffic Calming Cushion

50mm Speed Hump

50mm Compliant Speed Hump

50mm Traffic Calming Cushion

60mm ANZ Standards Speed Hump

70mm ANZ Standards Speed Hump

50mm Interlocking Speed Hump

75mm Aggressive Speed Hump

1830mm Speed Hump

Metal Speed Hump